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All Hebrew Courses » Hebrew Books » 501 Hebrew Verbs

501 Hebrew Verbs

Media: Book

Summary: Fully conjugated in all the tenses

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Special features include: Each verb illustrated by sample sentences, verbs used in idiomatic expressions and special expressions, notes on formal and informal usage, nouns and adjectives directly derived from each verb, prepositions used with particular verbs, a root index, and indexes of Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew verbs.

Learning Hebrew Becomes Easier With This Helpful Guide to Verbs and Their Roots

  • The 1580 most common Hebrew verbs, grouped in 565 roots
  • The Hebrew roots are printed at the top of each page
  • Infrequent verb forms realized in the relevant roots are listed separately (citation forms)
  • Present participles, verbal nouns and infinitives (construct and absolute forms)
  • Jussive forms of verbs that are significantly different from non-jussive ones
  • Exemplary sentences presented for each verb-root group, with accompanying translations, followed by special expressions incorporating the relevant verbs
  • An enlightening explanatory essay discusses Hebrew verb formation and usage
  • Root index, Hebrew-English Index, and English-Hebrew index, in alphabetical order.

Paperback book, 886 pages



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