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Cajun Dictionary

Media: Book

Summary: Cajun-English and English to Cajun by Rev. Msgr. Jules O Daigle

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This 594-page dictionary is the essential reference for the Cajun language. It contains substantially all words and expressions commonly used by Cajuns throughout Louisiana though it does not include words peculiar to certain trades or localities.

The book is divided into two sections. In the first section, English words are listed, followed by their Cajun equivalent. When necessary, sample expressions, pertinent sayings, axioms, etc are cited.

In the second section, the Cajun to English section, most of the English words which form part of the Cajun language are omitted for obvious reasons. On the other hand, many standard French words which are seldom used by Cajuns are nevertheless listed. Such words are usually followed by a preferable or more commonly used Cajun word.

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