Biblical Hebrew Step by Step Vol 1

Biblical Hebrew Step by Step Vol 1

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Volume 1, second edition by Menahem Mansoor

After years of classroom testing and development, this major new textbook is offered for learning Biblical Hebrew. The author, one of today's foremost teachers of Hebrew to university students, clergymen, and laymen, incorporates the best contemporary methods and techniques for teaching languages.

Well-integrated photographs and illustrations make for an attractive, inviting text for all those who wish to master Biblical Hebrew. To augment the basic stress on grammatical structure, reading skills, comprehension, and vocabulary, the author has added special sections on the development of the Hebrew language and its relationship to other ancient Semitic languages.

Also included are carefully selected passages of Biblical prose and tables showing the basic patterns of verbs and nouns. In this edition, both the English and the Hebrew have been completely reset with new type. Also, Dr. Mansoor has added a supplement (following Chapter 40) titled "Conjugations of the Seven Patterns of the Regular (Strong) Verbs."

Paperback Book, 254 pages

Menahem Mansoor, professor emeritus of Hebrew and Semitic studies, taught at the University of Wisconsin in Madison for twenty-seven years. He earned the Ph.D. degree from Trinity College in Dublin and has written more than twenty-five textbooks and monographs, among them an introduction to Contemporary Hebrew.