Basics of Biblical Greek - Workbook

Basics of Biblical Greek - Workbook

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New 2-Track Approach Offers Greater Flexibility

William Mounce's groundbreaking Basics of Biblical Greek gives teachers and students a commonsense, integrated approach to teaching and learning biblical Greek. It makes learning Greek a natural process and shows from the very beginning how an understanding of Greek helps in understanding the New Testament.

This extensively revised workbook is designed for use with the standard-setting grammar, now in its second edition.

Included are the following changes:

New 2-track approach offers the option of learning verbs earlier in the course:

  • TRACK 1 goes through the hook in its regular order.
  • TRACK 2 proceeds directly from lesson 9 to lesson 15 and then from lesson 21 back to lesson 10, allowing students to learn verbs sooner.

There are now up to six sections in each chapter:

  1. PARSING contains ten individual words to parse.
  2. WARM-UPS are short phrases that center on the grammar learned in the current chapter.
  3. TRANSLATION supplies ten verses to he translated, mostly from the New Testament.
  4. ADDITIONAL furnishes another ten sentences, either made up or from the Septuagint, Apostolic Fathers, or New Testament.
  5. SUMMARY briefly covers any new grammar learned inductively in the exercises.
  6. Verse REFERENCES are listed at the end of each chapter.

This book is intended to be used with Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar.

Paperback Book, 205 pages, 3-hole punched for easy insertion into a 3-Ring binder.