Better Vocabulary in 30 Minutes a Day

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Find New and Exciting Words that will spice up your speech and writing

Would you like to find new, exciting words to use in your speech and writing? Would you like to be a fascinating conversationalist? Would you like to be a Scrabble expert?

Better Vocabulary in 30 Minutes a Day offers a lively and entertaining method for adding a more impressive list of words to your everyday speech, and for learning how to use them effortlessly and accurately.

Besides giving definitions, this invaluable guide provides roots and elements of words so that you can increase your vocabulary base by thousands of exciting, new words and use them in sentences. Sprinkled throughout the book are fascinating stories about words and origins.

Even if you can't spare 30 minutes a day to learn to speak and write eloquently, Better Vocabulary in 30 Minutes a Day allows you to custom design your learning to take as little as five minutes a day. That's a small commitment for the lifelong benefit of speaking and writing better.

Paperback Book, 189 pages