Cambridge Biblical Hebrew Workbook

Cambridge Biblical Hebrew Workbook

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An Introductory Workbook that can be used with any elementary Biblical Hebrew Grammar

This workbook can be used with any elementary Hebrew learning textbook.

  • It applies many of the tools of modern language acquisition to make learning this classical language an active and inspiring process.
  • It uses well-known Hebrew names as a pedagogical aid to memorizing grammar and vocabulary.
  • It focuses on original biblical texts.
  • The exercises are based on a stock of frequently used words which is gradually enlarged.
  • Vocabulary and grammar learned early on are regularly revised and reinforced in later exercises.
  • The student is carefully guided through the exercises by means of boxed notes on key points.
  • A key to the exercises is included.
  • The translations provided follow the Hebrew text as closely as possible.
  • It enables students to develop their understanding of the general systematic sound changes in Biblical Hebrew, progressively providing a stable foundation and deeper insight into the language.

Paperback book, 375 pages