Cajun Self-Taught CDs

Cajun Self-Taught CDs

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Learn to Understand and Speak Cajun French

Learn To Understand and Speak Cajun French with CAJUN SELF-TAUGHT on a set of 3 Audio Compact Discs

The author of the book, CAJUN SELF TAUGHT, the late Rev. Jules O. Daigle, narrates in English and pronounces in Cajun French the lessons from the book.

These audio lessons were recorded by the author as a companion aid to the book of the same name, but even without the book it would still be very helpful to anyone wishing to learn to understand and speak Cajun French.

The original recordings are on four cassette tapes, and these same tapes have been mastered into this set of three compact discs.

CD 1:

  1. Introduction & The Vowels
  2. Consonants A thru J
  3. Consonants K thru Z
  4. Review of Phonic Cajun Pronunciation Code
  5. Time
  6. Speaking Exercises

CD 2:

  1. Days of the Week
  2. The Date, Age
  3. The Human Body
  4. Common Aches and Pains
  5. The Five Senses
  6. The Earth, Elements, Weather
  7. Best Way to Learn Proper Pronunciation
  8. Money and Money Mailers

CD 3:

  1. Money and Money Matters cont'd
  2. The House and Exterior Parts
  3. The Home and It's Main Divisions
  4. Home Furniture and Fixtures
  5. Kitchen Utensils and Appliances
  6. Cajun Foods A - F
  7. Cajun Foods G - Z

Can be used alone, but is recommended for use with the Cajun Self-Taught book by Rev. Daigle.