Greek Grammar - New Testament

Greek Grammar - New Testament

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Beyond the Basics - An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament - Includes the complete Greek New Testament

Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics integrates the technical requirements for proper Greek interpretation with the actual interests and needs of Bible students. It is the first text to systematically link syntax and exegesis of the New Testament for second-year Greek students. It explores numerous syntactical categories, some of which have only recently been recognized.

Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics is the most up-to-date Greek grammar available. It equips intermediate Greek students with the skills they need to do exegesis of biblical texts in a way that is faithful to their intended meaning. You can click on a biblical text that Wallace references and immediately examine the Greek text under discussion.

Easy-to-use Pradis interface is:

  • Transparent - Footnotes automatically display with the appropriate text.
  • Powerful - Conduct complex searches quickly - without having to understand computerese.
  • User-Driven - Write as many personal notes as you need and link them to verses and chapters
  • Flexible - Many features are easy to use because they're designed like programs you frequently use. For example, navigate through the text by using a context tree or the "go to" dialog box.

Praise for Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics:

"A first-rate work! Wallace has devoted much time and thought to grammatical analysis of the Greek New Testament. Set forth with clarity, this volume will remain a reference tool that student and scholar alike can consult with profit. " BRUCE M. METZGER, PROFESSOR OF NEW TESTAMENT, EMERITUS, PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

"Dr. Wallace, an exact scholar with an unrivaled command of the literature in his field, is also a humane teacher, catering to the student's needs by his beautiful clarity and precision, topical illustrations, and witty asides. This book's length and wealth of detail are offset by its simple structure, clear tables, and lucid summaries. It deserves acclaim from the learned as well as the student. " THE REVEREND PROFESSOR C. F. D. MOULE, LADY MARGARET PROFESSOR EMERITUS, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND

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