Learn Biblical Hebrew with Audio CD

Learn Biblical Hebrew with Audio CD

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Start Reading Meaningful Verses from the Hebrew Bible after just TWO Hours of study!

“This is how we want to learn Hebrew!”

John Dobson has traveled to many countries as a teacher of biblical Hebrew. This course is based on his experience teaching groups ranging in size from a few people to over one hundred students, language students as well as those who have never studied a foreign language before, English speakers as well as those for whom English is a second language.

The material can be used with equal ease in:

  • An intensive six-week course
  • A regular academic language program
  • A part-time extension module
  • Self-study, possibly with a mentor

To develop his highly effective teaching method, John Dobson has applied the latest research findings on how people learn. This second edition of Learn Biblical Hebrew has been updated and revised. It is a complete student textbook as well as a comprehensive resource for teachers.

Special Features: A wealth of reading & translation exercises, all based on biblical texts. Includes a helpful reference grammar.

An audio CD-Rom brings the language to life.

Hardback Book, 391 pages with audio CD