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Cadogan The Amazon Travel Guide

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Including the Gran Sabana & the Pantanal

Cadogan is the perfect companion to one of the world's most exciting regions, showing the history and tradition at the root of today's vibrant, multicultural society

The mighty Amazon dwarfs all other rivers in the world; her forests are as diverse as her countless tributaries and support an unparalleled variety of wildlife. Cadogan's Guide to the Amazon hunts out remote lodges in pristine forest and penetrates spectacular national parks studded with waterfalls, where the chances of seeing rare species are highest.

Whether you want to climb the vertical Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, see the sun slip over Bela Dormicida mountain, stay with Ticuna Indians in Brazil, or discover a it your name, the Cadogan Guide is simply indispensable.

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ISBN: 1-86011-983-2