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Gran Canaria (Canary Island) Pocket

Insight Gran Canaria (Canary Island) Pocket Travel Guide

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From the World leaders in Visual Travel Guides and the Discovery Channel

Insight Guide: Gran Canaria Island provides everything you'll ever need in a guidebook. It is an inspiring background read, an invaluable on-the-spot companion and a superb souvenir of your visit.

  • Includes Fuerteventura and Lanzarote

Insight Guide Gran Canaria Island includes a section detailing Gran Canaria's history, 9 features covering aspects of the island's life and culture, ranging from the Canario habit of popping into a bar for a rum at nine in the morning to the expatriate sub-communities of criminals, businessmen and the idle rich, a region by region visitor's guide to the sights, and a comprehensive Travel Tips section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. Plus many remarkable photographs and 5 maps.

Published: 1998

ISBN: 9780887296741