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Hawaii Atlas and Gazetteer

DeLorme Hawaii Atlas and Gazetteer Travel Map

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Rely on a DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer for the utmost in trip planning and backcountry access. Contains topographic maps with unbeatable detail, plus gazetteer information on great places to go and things to do. Each atlas is a quality paperback; size 11" x 15-1/2"

Map detail commonly includes:

  • Back roads, dirt roads and trails

Each Gazetteer entry's location is cross-referenced to the corresponding map.

Scale 1:84,000 (1"=1.3 miles)
Contour Interval 200'
Each Page Covers 13 miles x 18.4 miles
GPS Grids & tick marks
Index Placenames & map features (streams, valleys, craters, etc.)
Special Features Hawaii overview maps; Honolulu detail map; Introduction to Hawaii: islands, volcanoes, geological timeline, language; Shaded relief maps
Pages 51 pp. of maps, 64 pp. in all

Published 2001

ISBN: 9780899333441