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Hong Kong Step by Step

Insight Hong Kong Step by Step Travel Guide

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The City's Best Walks and Tours

A brand new edition of this stylish, itinerary-based guide detailing 18 of Hong Kong's best walks and tours, written by a local expert, for that personal touch and insider information. All itineraries are arranged by theme for a truly tailor-made travel experience, so regardless of your interests, there is a tour to suit.

For those wanting to enjoy the full travel experience, this is an ideal way to link the top attractions, such as HK Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Hollywood Road and Hong Kong's Central District, amongst others, with places to eat, drink and rest along the way.

All itineraries are marked on full-color detailed maps alongside the text and also on a separate, fully indexed pull-out map that can be used in conjunction with the guide or independently, to ensure easy navigation around Hong Kong at all times. Colored text boxes provide a summary of the tour duration and overall distance so you can choose the appropriate tour for the amount of time you have to spare.

This is the only guide to contain 'Only in - ' information; highlighting unique experiences exclusive to Hong Kong such as the Cheung Chau Bun Festival and visiting the Man Mo Temple. The 'Directory' section contains a clearly organized A -Z list of practical information, including hotel and restaurant listings for all budgets.

This edition also contains a brand new nightlife listing, as well as a fully updated overview of Hong Kong's vibrant entertainment scene. The stylish design, full color photography and durable, flexibound cover make this guide not only a pleasure to read, but also the ultimate companion when exploring your destination.

Published: January 2011
128 pages: 9.00 H x 0.75 D x 5.00 W inches, 0.65 lbs.

Take along a great map of Hong Kong. We recommend the Map Easy Hong Kong Guide map. It is waterproof and tear resistant.

ISBN: 9789812820990