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Slovenia - Croatia - Bosnia Herzegovina

Freytag und Berndt Slovenia - Croatia - Bosnia Herzegovina Travel Map

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Freytag & Berndt - Austrian Publishers of Travel Maps & Atlases

Freytag & Berndt maps feature:

Freytag & Berndt maps are handy road maps that cover most of Europe as well as Asia and Africa. With over 175 country and city maps as well as atlases, Freytag & Berndt know how to get you there!

The Map of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina is printed on one side of the page. The legend is in several languages including English. There is a index of place names located in booklet form pasted onto the map cover.

This map covers the following region:

Freytag & Berndt maps are beautiful and highly detailed.

Scale: 1:500.000

Published: 2014

ISBN: 9783707904307