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Lonely Planet Tanzania Travel Guide

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Captivating, Well-Written and Supremely Useful

Herds of antelope on the Serengeti, dhows on the Zanzibar coast, red-robed Maasai warriors, brilliant coral in sparkling seas – Lonely Planet shows you the best that Tanzania has to offer. Whether you want to watch wildlife, laze on the beach or ramble through Swahili ruins this guidebook is your indispensable companion.

Wildlife galore, idyllic beaches, snow-capped Kilimanjaro, moss-covered ruins, friendly people, fascinating cultures – Tanzania has all this and more wrapped up in one adventurous and welcoming package

  • 12 walking safaris in ‘big game’ areas, infinite views from the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, 500 Zanzibari carved wooden doors (5 Zanzibari coffee spots) and 14,000 sq km of Serengeti wilderness

Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Dar es Salam, Zanzibar Archipelago, Northeastern Tanzania, Northern Tanzania, Central tanzania, Lake Victoria, Western Tanzania, Southern Highlands, Southeastern Tanzania, Understand and Survival Guide chapters.

Published: June 2012
Next Edition: June 2015

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ISBN: 9781741792829