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101 French Idioms

101 French Idioms

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Understanding French Language and Culture through Popular Phrases

Intermediate. This whimsical collection of colloquialisms entertains students while providing insight into French-language idioms, customs, and humor.

Grouped according to theme — from "Our Animal Friends" to "Speaking About the Body" to "Food for Thought" — the idioms are illustrated with humorous cartoons that provide keys to understanding the literal and real meanings.

Each idiom has a literal English translation followed by an idiomatic English equivalent of the French phrase. Then the idiom is placed in context, either in a natural French dialogue or a narrative. (Full English translations of the dialogues and narratives appear at the back of the book.) These examples aid understanding and make the idioms come alive!

The cartoons, dialogues, and narratives are sure to help those learning French increase their grasp of the language at its most colorful. This book will help you sound branché ("plugged in" - in the know) when you communicate with French-speakers!

Paperback Book, 133 pages