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101 French Proverbs

101 French Proverbs

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Understanding French Language and Culture through Common Sayings

101 French Proverbs is a delightful introduction to the colorful and insightful proverbs that French speakers use every day.

The 101 proverbs are grouped according to useful themes such as animals, occupations, dining, daily life, people, and others.

To show how the proverb is used in everyday communication, a natural dialogue - in French - completes the page. There are also full English translations of the dialogues at the back of the book to facilitate understanding. Both the cartoons and the dialogues are sure to help you ~ . increase your mastery of the French language as you gain insight into French culture and into your own culture as well, for tous les goûts sont dans la nature (it takes all kinds to make a world).

Paperback Book, 152 pages