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101 French Verbs with MP4 Video Disc

101 French Verbs with MP4 Video Disc

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The Art of Conjugation

Robots and mechanical bees bring verbs to life and an accompanying disc puts infinitives in motion

With nothing but drills and rote memorization, there's never been anything fun about conjugating French verbs--until now! 101 French Verbs inspires you to study verb conjugations with its full-color charts and charming, fun illustrations. Quirky robots, buzzy robo-bees, and a mischievous canine present the 101 commonly used verbs, with each verb's infinitive cleverly incorporated into a drawing for further reinforcement. For even more help with remembering the conjugations, each book comes with an MP3 disc packed with downloadable animations and pronunciations, easily loaded onto your iPod.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction to French Verbs
  • Conjugations of Regular Verbs
  • Verbs 1-101
  • Index of French Verbs
  • Index of English Verbs

Paperback Book, 111 pages