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101 Spanish Idioms with MP3 Disc

101 Spanish Idioms with MP3 Disc

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Understanding Spanish Language and Culture Through Popular Phrases

This whimsical collection of colloquialisms entertains intermediate students while providing insight into Spanish-language idioms, customs, and humor.

Grouped according to theme--from Nuestros amigos los animales to Hablando del cuerpo to Algo en que pensar--the idioms are illustrated with humorous cartoons that provide a key to understanding the literal and real meanings.

Generously illustrated with cartoons, the dialogues are sure to help those learning Spanish increase their mastery of Spanish at is most colorful.

Table of contents
1. Speaking about the Body
2. Our Animal Friends
3. Return to Nature
4. Eating in Style
5. Life Day by Day
6. Odds and Ends
7. Walking around Town
8. The Blue Planet
9. That's Life

This enhanced edition contains a 90-minute MP3 disc with 101 dialogues, spoken by native speakers, so you can hear how these are used and practice your own use of these colorful expressions.

Paperback Book, 138 pages with MP3 Disc