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2 Speak French

2 Speak French

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5 Hours of Language Lessons Pre-Loaded on an SD Card - insert into any USB Port

With five hours of audio instruction packed onto one tiny chip, Berlitz 2 Speak French ushers in a new era of language-learning for the technophile.

Inside each package, a Smart Data (SD) card features 31 lessons covering everyday situations - from introductions to dining and shopping - narrated by a native in a simple listen-and-repeat fashion.

Plug the USB device into your desktop or laptop to learn at home, or insert the SD card directly into your smartphone, PDA or MP3 player for maximum portability and language-learning anywhere you're going!

Learn how to introduce yourself, tell time, order in a restaurant, shop, ask for prices, talk about your family, ask for directions or information, get around town, and much more!

Berlitz makes learning French fun and effortless - the 2 Speak SD card makes it easier than ever.

Includes USB drive & SD card.