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501 Japanese Verbs

501 Japanese Verbs

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Fully Conjugated in all the forms

Fully Conjugated in all the forms

  • Transliterated into the Roman alphabet
  • English-to-Japanese verb index
  • An index of Japanese verbs by their gerund form
  • Formality and deference levels in Japanese
  • Quizzes and drills in verb usage with answers and explanations

501 Japanese Verbs should be of help to both beginning and advanced students. For beginners, it constitutes a valuable aid in learning basic verbal inflection.

Most textbooks only provide students with a few examples to illustrate the principles of inflection. This means that students are hampered because there is no way to check a given form of an unfamiliar verb.

With this book students will be able to quickly verify the form in which they are interested. Advanced students will also profit from this systematic view of the language, because it will help them to organize the many verb forms they have learned into a systematic body of data.

Paperback book, 652 pages