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501 Latin Verbs

501 Latin Verbs

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Fully Conjugated in all Tenses

• Verbs alphabetically arranged
• Formation of present, past, and future participles
• Gerund and supine forms
• Passive and active voices
• Regular, irregular, and defective verbs
• Principal parts of each Latin verb
• Special usage notes include archaic and alternate forms, and compounds and related words

Also includes an index of English-Latin verbs, an index of Latin verbs, index of principal parts, and an index of unusual forms.

This book includes the highest-frequency occurring verbs in Classical Latin - and as such provides and excellent resource for both the beginning and advanced student of Latin.

The list includes all the irregular and defective verbs - verbs that often present a challenge to students. At the bottom of each conjugation the student will find up to four rubrics of additional information pertaining to the verb on that page.

First, Usage Notes tell when the verb employs an object in other than the accusative case; second, the alternate forms section presents collateral and archaic variations that a student of Latin literature may discover; third, Compounds and Related Words lists other compounds and related Latin vocabulary; fourth, the Model Sentence provides an illustration of the verb used in a sentence drawn from Latin literature.

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