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501 Portuguese Verbs

501 Portuguese Verbs

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Fully Conjugated in all Tenses

• List of tenses with examples of each
• Sample conjugations of regular verbs
• Focus on reflexive verbs
• Object pronouns and contracted forms of object pronouns
• Future indicative and conditional pronominal conjugations
• Formation of commands
• True passive voice
• Progressive tense
• Irregular and double past participles
• Defective and impersonal verbs
• English-Portuguese index
• Portuguese-English index

In addition to the 501 verbs conjugated in this book, a number of additional verbs have been included in the Portuguese-English index, accompanied by their English meanings, which share the same lexical root as a number of those conjugated therein,and differing only by virtue of the presence or absence of a prefixed element.

Moreover, such etymologically related verbs have also been cross-referenced in the English-Portuguese index in order to extend even further the range of verbal meaning as well as to illustrate the prefixation process of Portuguese verbal morphology.

Beneath each of the paradigms of the 501 verbs conjugated in this book, various comments and/or simple Portuguese sentences (with English translations) provide useful contextual substance to illustrate the representative syntax and semantics of Portuguese verbal usage.

Not surprisingly, there are very considerable differences between Continental and Brazilian usage at every level, including spelling practices, and the book attempts to indicate such variations wherever possible.  

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