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601 Spanish Verbs

601 Spanish Verbs

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The 601 Most Important Verbs Conjugated in all tenses

Berlitz 601 Spanish Verbs is the only verb book a student of any level will ever need. With full conjugations of every verb in 16 tenses and moods, finding the right ending and conquering irregular verbs has never been so easy. This full-color book features a free CD-ROM with words and phrases for your iPod.

The tips are written by experienced teaching professionals.

The author team includes:

  • AP verb selection and verb activities by Dr. Lori Langer Ramiréz (department chair, teacher, author, and creator of, a very popular and free web resource for language teachers)
  • Verb guide by Sandy Williamson M.A.T (former language department chair, experienced Spanish teacher and AP reader and language consultant)
  • Memory Tips by Jim Sarris M.S. (experienced Spanish teacher, memory expert and author of Memory Skills Made Easy)


  • 601 verbs, fully conjugated in 16 tenses and moods
  • Includes over 2,100 verbs conjugated like model verbs
  • FREE CD-ROM with words and phrases for your iPod
  • Fun texting expressions such as q tal? (What’s up?) and ymm (call me)
  • Includes popular test prep verbs, tips, and practice activities
  • Useful mnemonic devices to help you memorize those tricky verbs
  • Large print for easy reading

Paperback Book, 734 pages with CD-ROM with software to fill your iPod