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Arabic Deluxe

Arabic Deluxe

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The "Read and Write" Way ; The "On the Go' Way

Learn Arabic - The Read and Write Way

This CD-ROM is designed to suit both the serious student and more casual reader of Arabic. This includes: businessmen, tourists visiting the Middle East, or people who are just fascinated by the language and culture. In this self-paced, self-taught computer based training system you will learn to read and write Arabic script and to speak Arabic phrases, sentences and frequently used expressions.

  • A Step-by-step guide to master Arabic letters and sounds
  • An easy and accessible approach to learning Arabic words and expressions
  • Animation hints for authentic writing skills
  • An interactive e-Flash Card training method for building up Arabic vocabulary
  • Practical examples from real-life situations
  • Additional MP-3 sound format lets you study Arabic on the go!
  • Self-paced learning system
  • No installation required - this is an auto-run Mac/PC hybrid CD-ROM

This is the fun and easy way to learn Arabic in the privacy of your own home or office. You can compare your voice with the native speaker's voice to help you improve clarity. Learn as much as you want with the click of a button - the more you click, the more you learn!

Learn Arabic - The "On the Go" Way

This audio CD makes essential Arabic enjoyable and easy to learn - just listen and repeat with the native speakers. This is a companion audio CD to the Language Learning Arabic Interactive CD-ROM, which means that you can also use this audio CD to refresh what you learned after using the Computer Program. The recordings have been specially designed to develop your Arabic vocabulary by having you listen and repeat with the native speaker's voice using 3 simple steps:

  • Select from over 15 topics (each track covers one topic)
  • Listen to the English translation of the Arabic phrase or sentences, then follow the Arabic sounds repeated by the native speaker. All you have to do is repeat n the pauses that follow
  • Use the Language Learning Arabic CD-ROM's vocabulary builder function to test yourself and get a progress report.

For Windows 98/ME/XP/NT4 or higher.