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Dutch with Ease

Dutch with Ease

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Multimedia Pack Coursebook with 4 Cassettes

Nine reasons why Assimil will help you succeed:

1] Method Usable by all Learners - Courses are suitable for all learners from true beginners to those who already have a working knowledge of Dutch.

2] Practical and Enjoyable - Short and enjoyable lessons based on topics selected for their relevance. Lessons, exercises and grammar are presented in a single book.

3] Complete Language Course - The Assimil method is serious and exceptionally complete. In just several months, you will reach a normal conversational level.

4] No Rote Learning of Vocabulary or Grammar - Light-hearted dialogues presented in the form of varied and useful sketches.

5] Quality Recordings - Recordings are initially slow and gradually build up to conversational speed. All dialogues are recorded by native speakers in Europe.

6] Basic Conversation Mastered - You will have mastered some 2,000 useful and practical words.

7] Permanent Progress Auto-Check - Using the auto-check exercises and course principles, you can constantly check progress in both vocabulary and grammar.

8] Ideal to help Students Keep Up - With just 30 minutes a day, high school and college students make spectacular progress.

9] A Best Buy - Assimil is one of the best selling courses in Europe - where languages skills are serious business.