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Access French

Access French

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A First Course for Adults - 200 page full-color workbook and 2 70-minute CDs

With its eye-catching graphics, engaging dialogues, and Internet Support, Access French makes learning French a unique and enjoyable experience.

This innovative, modern course for adult learners provides you with a thorough grounding in the skills required to understand, speak, read, and write contemporary French. Presented in an exceptionally clear manner, every page is bursting with engaging photographs, colorful language panels, and appealing exercises - a welcome relief from traditional language-learning courses on the market. Access French also offers the flexibility to learn on your own, with a partner, or in a class.

Two features that put Access French in front of other language courses are its two CDs and its Web Support. With the CDs you will interact with lively recordings of practical conversational language, either with the book or on your own - whenever or wherever it is convenient for you. You will find further support at the book's website - a free resource that provides guidance, interactive exercises, and additional internet-based activities to reinforce your learning.

With Access French you will:

  • Learn Basic words from ten everyday topic areas, such as family, shopping, eating, travel and hotels.
  • See examples of French in action with authentic texts including menus, advertisements, town maps and websites.
  • Discover the key structures you need to know from the "Language Focus" panels
  • Get a fascinating look into life in French-speaking countries through the cultural sidebars
  • Monitor your progress with learning tips and assessment checklists

If you are bored with dull, uninspiring, and monotonous language programs, Access French is the course that you have been waiting for!

EDITOR'S NOTE: While this is an excellent course, it really is best if used with a partner. Many of the books's exercises ask you to work in pairs.