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American Idioms And Some Phrases

American Idioms And Some Phrases

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A guide to informal American English for ESL students. In this book, idioms are explained or "translated" into standard English,and repeated in example sentences that demonstrate their use in a variety of contexts. Exercises are provided to help make you proficient in expressing yourself and comprehending informal American English. Intermediate-level ESL students can use this book to supplement classroom textbooks. It's a reliable guide to help everyone comprehend the intricacies of idiomatic American English. The literal meanings of such phrases as: "get on the ball", "make a beeline", "have a bone to pick", "break the ice", "come across as", "eat one's words", "hang out with", and "kick the bucket" are likely to conjure peculiar images in any non-English speaker's mind. These and dozens more phrases are explained, "translated" into more formal English, and repeated in various contexts. Also included are exercises designed to improve comprehension and fluency in informal American English.

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