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Arabic Phrase Book - Periplus

Arabic Phrase Book - Periplus

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Over 2,000 Key Words and Phrases

The essential information needed by travelers - novices and old hands alike - presented in a way that's concise, accessible, and easy-to-understand. You'll find:

  • Encouragement to try a few words
  • Knowledge of the society around you
  • Confidence to smooth the way

This Phrase Book covers:

  • Over 2,000 essential phrases arrange by frequency of use
  • A glossary of the 2,000 most needed words
  • Food, drink, and lodging
  • Tips for train and automobile travel
  • Instructions and phrases for emergencies
  • Meeting people and striking up a conversation
  • And the essential grammar and pronunciation you'll need to make your way smoothly through your travels

The Periplus Essential Arabic Phrase Book is your indispensable pocket travel companion!