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Arabic Practical Dictionary

Arabic Practical Dictionary

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Arabic/English and English/Arabic

This dictionary is an essential resource for students of Arabic and English alike. It covers their needs with the most up-to-date entries in handy reference form, and will especially prove to be an aid in navigating the growing vocabulary of politics, telecommunications, technology, the Internet, tourism, business, and travel.

Compact and concise, the dictionary includes more than 18,000 entries in clear, easy-to-read format.The Arabic is provided with Romanized transliterations and the English with phonetic transliterations, while grammatical forms such as verb conjugations and plurals, are given for each word in both languages.

The selection of current words and expressions and their practical arrangement make this a comprehensive and reliable dictionary that is not only a principal tool for the study of Modern Standard Arabic, bit also a perfect two-way portal for students of both Arabic and English.

Paperback book, 400 pages