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Advanced Spanish Grammar

Advanced Spanish Grammar

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The fast, easy way to master the finer points of Spanish GrammarContiene métodos para aprender los puntos claves del español con rapidez y facilidad

Unsure about conjugating irregular Spanish verbs? Using the subjunctive? Determining the appropriate definite article? This complete, accessible guide clarifies grammatical structure and explains vocabulary usage to help you master Spanish. Whether you need extra help for a course, want a quick review for a test, or simply want to brush up on your language skills, this is the book to have. In this completely revised edition you will find:

  • An interactive format that lets you work at your own pace
  • Exercises to reinforce what you've learned
  • Over 1,000 practical Spanish words and terms
  • Explanations of the more intricate grammatical rules of Spanish
  • Special ¡Atención! sections that focus on problematic words and structures

Softcover Book
336 pages
by Marcial Prado