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American Sign Language Study Cards

American Sign Language Study Cards

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Learn with Photos of each sign! Essential vocabulary to develop ASL skills.

Written by college professors and professional interpreters, Exambusters on CD presents over 550 study cards focusing on fundamental signs.

Learn with Photographs of each hand shape. Develop your American Sign Language (ASL) skills quickly and begin communicating today!

Students: Prepare for quizzes and tests too! Review study cards one by one and eliminate them from your stack once you've learned them. Take a sample quiz, mid-term, or final and keep track of test results as you progress.

Learn subliminally with "Screen Saver Mode." Topics: Alphabet, Numbers, Family, Emotions, Food, Questions, Holidays, Seasons, Days, Months, Outdoors, Education, Vacation, Relaxation, Money, Around the Globe, Occupations, Conversation, Colors, and much, much more . . . A COURSE on a CD!

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