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Basic Arabic Workbook

Basic Arabic Workbook

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This workbook helps in the early stages of learning Written Arabic

Points of grammar and usage are clearly highlighted and explained throughout the workbook, making this also a handy reference work. Particular attention is paid to building vocabulary--reaching a total of more than 1,300 words--accompanied by a clear transcription of the Arabic script to aid pronunciation and stress.

Apart from its approach, which is a first for Arabic, the book contains many other helpful features including a key to the exercises, indexes of the vocabulary and grammar, and an appendix with tables.

Exercises consist of manipulation within the language, encouraging the student to think in Arabic and to highlight alternative structures. The traditional complexity of the numbers system is solved by using the now universal simplified form. This is a perfect tool for any taught or self-study Arabic language course.

One of the foremost writers today of teaching materials for Middle Eastern languages, John Mace, has now produced a key workbook for all learners of Modern Standard Arabic. Basic Arabic Workbook is a step-by-step series of exercises and tasks that puts the living standard language into practice using the most up-to-date vocabulary and situations, drawn from everyday situations, mainly the workplace. No previous knowledge is assumed beyond that of the alphabet.

Paperback Book, 350 pages