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Brainy Baby French DVD

Brainy Baby French DVD

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Simple Words and Phrases for babies 1 to 5 years old

Brainy Baby - A Little Genius in the Making! The Brainy Baby Learning Library is the pioneer in infant development videos. It is the first video series that will help stimulate your child's cognitive development.

Your child will be introduced to French including:

  • Colors & Numbers
  • Familiar Phrases
  • Favorite Objects
  • Action Words
  • Fun Songs & Music

Give your child the power to excel by using the video series that's more than just a lot of pretty pictures. The educational content of Brainy Baby can help give your child a learning advantage!


  • Original Songs
  • Sing-Along Tunes
  • Classical Favorites
  • Mozart, Vivaldi & more!

Babies love to watch and learn from other children at play! Brightly colored objects help develop cognitive and spatial reasoning. The video combines fascinating animation with real life objects babies recognize.

Approximate running time: 45 Minutes DVD format, US TV standards. Will not work in PAL (European TV systems).