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Bilingual Baby French - VHS

Bilingual Baby French - VHS

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Introduce your child to a new language now!

Bilingual Baby™ is a revolutionary series of videos that exposes your child to the world of language - a priceless gift that will give your child the opportunity to actually gain knowledge and brainpower.

Bilingual Baby™ features the Total Immersion Method, a well-established teaching system that has long been used by both educators and language experts, which advocates immersing the child in the new language. Your child will hear only one language on all Bilingual Baby™ videos, giving them maximum exposure to sounds, syntax and sentence structure. Young children have the amazing ability to learn other languages easily if they are exposed to them early in life.

Learning a second (or third) language at an early age can also enrich mental development - giving children an advantage in everything they learn! Research shows that small amounts of second-language instruction helps children become more creative and better at solving complex problems.

So, give your children the language advantage… and give them the world to play with!