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Beginner's Self-Study Italian

Beginner's Self-Study Italian

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Teach Yourself Italian as it is Spoken in Italy

This completely interactive language learning course is designed for students who want to learn Italian but prefer to teach themselves rather than participate in a formal classroom setting. The attractively boxed language package contains a textbook presenting grammar and vocabulary basics with learning exercises.

Included with the book are four audio CDs, three of them presenting dialogues and exercises, and the fourth focused especially for travel situations in Italy. The course concentrates on proficiency in speaking and understanding Italian in the context of informal conversations, travel situations, making purchases, and verbally finding one’s way around in international settings.

It is an ideal introduction to Italian for business and vacation travelers. The book is heavily illustrated with color photos and illustrations, as well as hundreds of question-and-answer exercises.

Make yourself understood in Italian quickly and easily

  • Dialogues teach you to communicate in everyday situations
  • Learn to speak and to understand what others are saying to you
  • Pick up a basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and information about culture and geography

A great self-teaching program for beginners and a helpful brush-up refresher if you already know some Italian

  • Learn Italian as you listen to a traveler's story told in installments
  • Improve your language skill through exercises and sound samples
  • Immerse yourself in Italian culture with this program's information, advice, illustrations, and more

This self-teaching language program gives you:

  • A 176-page Study Guide with 16 lessons and 4 review units
  • An 80-page Companion Book with a grammar overview, answers to exercises, travel tips, scripts of all audio material, and a glossary
  • 3 Instructional Audio CDs presenting dialogues and much more
  • 1 "Take-Along" Audio CD with the traveler's story in Italian plus sentences for you to repeat and practice

Paperback textbook, 170 pp. and paperback script book 88 pp., boxed w/4 audio CDs