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Beginner's Chinese - Book Plus CDs

Beginner's Chinese - Book Plus CDs

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Learn Mandarin Chinese with an introduction to Pinyin

This introduction to Mandarin Chinese is designed for those with little or no prior experience in the language. The 10 lessons use dialogues to teach the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and the written language.

Exercises reinforce the material covered in the dialogues, and each lesson ends with a "Cultural Insights" section that offers a deeper view into the Chinese people and their daily life. Upon completion of the course, the student will have learned 90 basic sentence patterns, 300 written characters, and numerous communicative skills.

This popular instruction guide now comes with 2 audio CDs that cover each lesson and offer an extensive introduction to the Pinyin dialect.

Paperback Book with 175 pages and Two Audio CDs.

See also the follow-on course: Intermediate Chinese