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Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic

Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic

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Course Book with MP3 files on CD

A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic is a textbook in spoken Moroccan Arabic that is written for beginners who are unfamiliar with the Arabic language, alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Written in Latinate transcription it is carefully designed to present these elements in a progressive, user-friendly, step-by-step manner.

Following the initial pronunciation introductions and practice, there are 130 lessons consisting of a text where a small number of phrases and sentences illustrate grammatical points. These sections also contain exercises in new grammar and vocabulary.

Each lesson is structured in a way that guides the learner naturally and comfortably into an understanding of the structure of Moroccan Arabic. From there, the course progresses into ninety-seven short, conversational dialogs that place the student in a variety of social situations.

First introduced to Arabic language students in the 1960s, A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic still has no equal for clarity and ease of use. An audio CD of MP3 files that further aid and enhance the lessons is now bound into this volume.


1. Pronunciation
2. Pronunciation drills
3. Lessons (1-130)

1. Greetings and simple social situations (1-11)
2. Directions (12-19)
3.Arrival in Morocco, personal identification (20-33)
4. Family and friends (34-47)
5. Finding a place to live (48-55)
6. Sight-seeing, traveling, and shopping (56-69)
7. Some Muslim religious celebrations (70-78)
8. Some miscellaneous situations (78-86)
9. The market (87-92)
10. Departure from Morocco, return to the USA (93-97)

Paperback Book, 395 pages with 1 Audio CD