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Big Gold Book of 555 Latin Verbs

Big Gold Book of 555 Latin Verbs

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Fully Conjugated Verbs in both Active and Passive Tenses

The Big Gold Book of 555 Latin Verbs, fully conjugated in both active and passive voice, is a great reference and learning manual for both beginning and intermediate students. It includes:

  • 555 verbs alphabetically arranged
  • 3,400 Example Sentences from Classical Authors
  • Top 40 verbs with adjoining page of usage examples
  • At-a-glance Tense profiles explain Forms and Usages
  • Verb Form Index for Highly Irregular Verbs
  • Cross-Referenced Index of 2,500 Latin Verbs
  • English-Latin Index of Model Conjugations
  • Plus Model Noun and Adjective declension tables

Keep this book handy while studying Latin and you will master the verb forms of this ancient language.