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Beginner's Gaelic

Beginner's Gaelic

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54 Chapters, Numerous exercises, and a step-by-step approach

Gaelic is spoken in both Ireland and in Scotland, in two distinct varieties. The 54 chapters and exercises in this introduction to the Gaelic language are presented in a step-by-step format, from basics to more complex grammar lessons, making this book a valuable guide for classroom use and for individuals learning on their own.

With its simple, helpful explanations and illustrations, this book is designed for everyone interested in learning this venerable old language.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This book was originally published in 1911. It has undergone some title changes in the many reprintings of this book. The course is very comprehensive - but packing so much material into so small a volume means that the teaching is rather technical and sometimes hard to follow. This book is excellent - but we would recommend it as a SECOND book for the absolute beginner. If you already know some Gaelic, this is an great choice.

Paperback Book, 224 Pages