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Berlitz Italian Grammar Handbook

Berlitz Italian Grammar Handbook

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An Invaluable Reference for Learning & Mastering the Fundamentals of Italian Grammar

From the basics to complex sentences, Berlitz Italian Grammar Handbook offers clear explanations and practical examples. Grammar fundamentals--syntax, parts of speech, punctuation, and more--are understandably described. Special sections that target potential problem areas are included, making this a valuable supplement for learners of Italian at all levels.

Providing the tools you need to communicate effectively, the authoritative Berlitz Handbook series offers comprehensive, accessible coverage of the essentials: grammar, vocabulary, and verbs. These indispensable guides are ideal for students of all levels.

The Berlitz Italian Grammar Handbook provides all of the useful terms of standard grammar in everyday Italian, as well as exceptions to the rule. Also included are brief discussions, explanations, and lively examples of grammar usage.

The Berlitz Handbook series is an outstanding source of information, guidance, and instruction for anyone seeking a solid foundation in foreign language basics.

Featuring Clear and Simple Explanations on:

  • parts of speech
  • spelling and punctuation
  • syntax - putting a sentence together
  • types of verbs, verb tenses, and conjugations

Paperback Book, 341 pages