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Business Kanji

Business Kanji

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over 1,700 Essential Business Terms in Japanese

Business Kanji is for students of the Japanese language with a special interest in business, finance, and economics. Appropriate for self-study or classroom use, it teaches more than 1,700 kanji frequently used in Japanese business and economic newspapers and magazines. Written in both Japanese and English, this book is designed for students with a basic level of Japanese language skill and provides lessons on Japanese grammar as well as reading exercises. Students who complete the text will be able to learn enough kanji to read and digest even the most arcane or technical business articles. The book's extensive indexes make looking up kanji faster and easier.

Business Kanji is an invaluable learning tool for business people who want to do business in Japan or simply keep on top of important developments in the world's second-largest economy.


  • Basic Kanji and Vocabulary
  • Most Frequently Used Vocabulary
  • Reading Practice
  • Main Industries and Related Terms
  • Newspaper Terms
  • Full Indexes of Japanese Alphabet, Radicals, and On-Kun Readings

Paperback Book, 422 Pages