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Bonjour Les Amis - 3 Volume Set - DVDs

Bonjour Les Amis - 3 Volume Set - DVDs

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French Made Easy for Children Ages 4 - 9

A gentle introduction to the French Language.

Moustache has exciting adventures with his human and animal friends. What, you don't speak French? Well, Moustache can certainly help you with this.

  • Vol. 1 - In his first adventure we will meet and greet friends, sing songs, and visit a magic show. And all the while, you'll see how quickly you have begun to speak French with Moustache!
  • Vol. 2 - Let's visit Chaville, the village where Moustache lives. We'll meet his friends Arthur and Jolie and have a treat at a wonderful bakery. Soon you will be speaking French along with Moustache and his friends!
  • Vol. 3 - Moustache wants to race! Un, Deux, Trois, Partez! That means "One, Two, Three, Go!" Learn to count further in French with your new French friends, taste a little "glace," and then bid "Adieu" to Mademoiselle Abracadabra.

3 DVDs, Approx. 146 Minutes running time

Parents’ Choice Approved Award
KIDS FIRST!® Endorsement

"A very good beginning French Series. Highly recommended".
-Video Librarian

An upbeat and delightful work of educational programming."
- Children's Bookwatch