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Big Red Book of Spanish Grammar with CD-ROM

Big Red Book of Spanish Grammar with CD-ROM

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The most comprehensive reference and practice for Spanish Grammar

The Big Red Book of Spanish Grammar with CD-ROM gives you a comprehensive and yet accessible resource for all your grammar needs. Instead of poring over several grammar textbooks and workbooks, everything you need to build your grammar mastery is right here. Inside you will find: .

  • Thorough coverage of all aspects of Spanish grammar
  • Easily accessible presentation of grammar rules and exceptions
  • Hundreds of examples illustrating Spanish in action

The CD-ROM is a fun way to help you:

  • Sharpen your skills with more than 250 interactive exercises, cross-referenced to their appropriate sections in the book
  • Measure your strengths and weaknesses with a pretest; monitor your progress with a posttest
  • Expand your knowledge of the Hispanic world with more than a hundred culture-based exercises

Paperback Book, 504 pages

For Windows 2000/XP/Vista
For Macintosh OS X