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Better Reading Italian

Better Reading Italian

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A Reader and Guide to Improving Your Understanding of Written Italian

For the advanced beginner or intermediate-level learner, reading offers the most convenient way to practice and sharpen your Italian and monitor your progress. Better Reading Italian brings you short passages that reflect real-life, contemporary issues and situations taken from magazines, the Internet, books and newspapers.

Covering such topics as cuisine, fashion and design, travel, the family, education, today's lifestyle, and Italian perceptions of America, each chapter features reading selections that are graded by level of difficulty. You will find an article about designer Bruno Munari, a profile on Italian wines, an Italian furniture maker's website, and more than fifty other selections to help you improve your reading speed and understanding.

Following each article is a set of exercises that help your comprehension and develop invaluable reading skills including:

  • Skimming material for general meaning
  • Scanning for details
  • Using word formation, cognates, and context to determine meaning
  • Understanding idioms and artistic expressions

An Appendix provides suggestions for further reading.

Better Reading Italian will not only help you improve or revive your language skills, it also will open up the enjoyable and exciting world of reading in Italian.

Paperback Book, 275 pages