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Basic Spanish & Portuguese by DVD

Basic Spanish & Portuguese by DVD

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Learn 2 languages on 1 DVD

A picture is worth 1,000 words, and the Mastervision Language Library says them all with video, audio, and graphics to help you learn (or brush up on) a second (or third) language. Speak, read and write 1,000 words and phrases common in everyday situations by listening and emulating native speakers, while seeing the words on screen.

Review at your own pace with instant video and audio replay at the touch of your remote. Add a portable DVD player or laptop computer and you can even brush up on your skills while you travel. These popular videos, a staple of travelers, schools, and libraries for more than twenty years are now finally available on DVD in these special multi-language editions. Perfect for the business travelers, and an ideal give for students and those who travel for pleasure.

Contents include:

Basics - Numbers - Time - Verbs - Days of the week - Months - Seasons - Holidays - Family - At the beach - Words 2 - The newspaper - On the table - Mail - The letter - Colors - In the garden - The face - The body - Being sick - Clothing - Pocket things - The bedroom - The bathroom - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - At the restaurant - Drinks and food - A phone call - In town - Taxi - The train station - Customs - Hotel - At the airport - The car

The Spanish taught on this DVD is from SPAIN, not Latin America

The Porguguese taught on this DVD is from BRAZIL, not Portugal.