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Beginner's Serbo-Croatian

Beginner's Serbo-Croatian

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Learn the Basics from a native!

Serbo-Croatian, also call Serbo-Croat, is the language that was spoken in four of the six republics of the former Yugoslavia. The same language is more or less still spoken in those geographical and political units, although with slight variations in vocabulary. The user of this book will certainly be understood in Serbia and Montenegro, as well as Croatia and Bosnia.

Each lesson begins with a Serbo-Croatian conversation with side-by-side English translation, followed by an itemized vocabulary an explanations of expressions used, and then by a section on grammar. It concludes with a listing of useful phrases and a set of exercises designed to help one assimilate and use the language and grammar introduced in the given lesson. Introductory chapters on the history and culture of the region complement this book.

The author of this book,Duska Radosavljevic Heaney, taught English as a second language after receiving her teaching qualification from Trinity College. She also holds a degree in theater studies and communication arts from the University of Huddersfield in England. In addition to pursuing a career as an actor and playwright, she writes reviews and translations. She is a native of Yugoslavia and has lived in England for eight years.

Paperback book 170 pages