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Behind the Wheel Spanish 1

Behind the Wheel Spanish 1

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An Innovative and Effective Language Program that Ensures Maximum Results withy Minimal Effort

Behind the Wheel Spanish Level 1 covers beginning to intermediate level Spanish, providing a flexible, solid and universal foundation in speaking, understanding, and creatively expressing yourself in Spanish.

The program features an English speaking instructor to guide you through the lessons and two native Latin American Spanish speakers to aid with your pronunciation. Includes a companion book to reinforce and enhance the audio experience.


  • Feature a friendly and informative American instructor who guides the user through the program
  • Employ a native speaker to demonstrate authentic use and pronunciation
  • Provide immediate English translations for all material throughout every lesson, allowing students to use their first language as a tool to learn a new language
  • Utilize a periodic retrieval memory technique to enhance retention
  • Focus on high-frequency, practical vocabulary
  • Allow students to create their own original sentences (rather than reciting canned phrases)
  • Teach a dynamic sentence building technique that gets you speaking within minutes

BEHIND THE WHEEL SPANISH teaches listeners a foreign language-quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime. It features Speed Immersion, a teaching method that builds a foundation for fluency by combining the most commonly used vocabulary with an easy-to-follow sentence building technique. You will be able to create your own original sentences in Spanish within the very first lesson of this program. Level 1 covers beginning to intermediate Spanish.

8 Audio CDs with 128-page Book