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Bilingual Visual Dictionary English-Gujarati

Bilingual Visual Dictionary English-Gujarati

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5000 Terms | 700 Illustrations | 350 Subjects

The popular and definitive bilingual visual dictionary.

Over 5000 terms identified and illustrated by brightly colored, state-of-the-art, computer-generated illustrations. Each illustration is clearly labeled with terminology that identifies its parts in both languages.

Simply view a picture to find the correct terms for objects and their components in two languages. An essential and enjoyable bilingual resource!

Subjects include: Sky, Earth, Fruits and Vegetables, Animal Kingdom, Human Being, Architecture, Clothing, School, Music, Transport, Sport.

The Milet Bilingual Visual Dictionary is a very efficient tool for learning English, as a mother tongue as well as a second language. By showing and naming the objects of the modern world, this unique dictionary provides a direct link between meaning and word.

It is a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Turn to any page and see wonderful objects named and illustrated - from your favorite clothes, food, and sport, to musical instruments and space travel. Even school subjects like biology, geography, and technology, are covered in fascinating detail.

Inquisitive children - parents and teachers too - will find the Milet Bilingual Visual Dictionary an easy way to expand their vocabulary and broaden their knowledge.

Hardback Book, 232 pages