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Beginner's Welsh with 2 Audio CDs

Beginner's Welsh with 2 Audio CDs

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Learn the Basics and Start Speaking Today!

Beginner's Welsh with 2 Audio CDs gives you the basics to start speaking Welsh today. Ideal for students, tourists, and business people, this introductory guide teaches basic conversation through dialogues on everyday topics, such as dining, booking a hotel room, and shopping. Grammar is explained in easy and accessible steps. with exercises throughout to reinforce language skills.


  • a brief overview of the geography, history, literature and art of Wales
  • 17 practical lessons with dialogues, vocabulary, and expressions
  • clear grammar explanations
  • review exercises with answer key
  • Welsh-English and English-Welsh glossaries
  • 2 audio CDs with dialogues and vocabulary illustrating both northern & southern dialects

The author, Heini Gruffudd, is an experienced teacher of Welsh. His best selling language books for adults are well known in Wales. He was a lecturer in Welsh language and literature lecturer at the University of Wales, Swansea, and now works independently as a language consultant.